We're Gonna Die, by Young Jean Lee

A MUSICAL CELEBRATION OF OUR MORTALITY. Directed by Jake Nice, Starring Sammy Rat Rios

Friday, May 12 @ 8:30 PM

Tickets: $10 at the door or online

Featuring the musical stylings of Ariel Hartley (Pearl Earl), Hagen Hauschild & Jackson Russo (MNKR, Kites & Boomerangs), Chris Escarfullery (Catamaran)



WORKSHOP: Eco-Printing with Jessica West

Saturday, May 13th from 10am - 2pm

Cost to Participants: $40

Eco-printing is the magic of a botanical art. Together we will create our own surface design on fabric through leaves, flowers, and herbs. Each piece is truly one of a kind. We will be solar dyeing with natural dyes such as vegetables.

Please bring:

  • pale cotton fabric*
  • wool yarn (optional)
  • found flowers & leaves

*Fabric will be provided, but bring extra if you would like to create more

If you have any allergies, please let Brick Haus know!

E-mail us to reserve your spot in the workshop: OR pay online below! We can take cards, cash and checks payable to Brick Haus Collective on the day of the workshop.

Eco-Printing with Jessica West
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EXHIBITION: Work by Delaney Smith

On View: May 15 - May 19th, by appointment

Reception: May 19th, from 6PM - 9PM

In Delaney Smith’s exhibition, Bearing Capacity, she explores the themes of tension and balance. The potential for containment and a weighted load often exist on separate spectrums, but in Smith's work they are parts of a greater whole. Ephemeral sheets of handmade paper and strips of cotton gather into forms that drape, pull and pile in ways that seem to test the endurance of their supports. Steel and thick lengths of rope are subdued by the cumulative weight of their softer counterparts. Even shadows are suddenly imbued with their own sense of mass. In the sparseness of Smith’s structures room is left for the viewer to contemplate their own presence and the loads they themselves bear, not only physically, but emotionally.

Delaney Smith is a visual artist working primarily with paper and bookmaking to create sculptures and installations. With a focus on aligning process and inherent qualities of material, she explores the ideas of accumulation and transformation through repetition. Delaney received her BFA in Graphic Communications from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2007 and her MFA in Fibers from the University of North Texas in 2013. Delaney was an artist-in-residence at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in 2013-14. At the beginning of 2015, she participated in Pentaculum, a week long forum at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. She is currently working as an artist and educator on the island in Marshall, NC.

Bienvenidos: Portal Portraits

Sunday, May 21st from 2pm - 5pm

Tierra Firme: Analise Minjarez & Sarita Westrup

Tierra Firme’s  featured outdoor installation "Bienvenidos: Portal Portraits" at Brick Haus Studios explores ideas of immigration, personal landscape and domesticidad along the frontera of Texas and Mexico. With the use of hand netted tunnel forms and natural dyed cloth, Tierra Firme suggests movement from a space of dried land to a place of plentiful botanical liquid.

PARTICIPATE:  The public is invited to interact with "Bienvenidos:Portal Portraits" by naturally dyeing ceremonial flags with indigo. The ceremonial flags will hang on multiple dry lines that run through "Bienvenidos: Portal Portraits" and collectively will serve to act as a ritualistic celebration of movement and immigration.


EXHIBITION: The Mark Between, drawings by Alex Macias

On view: May 1 - May 5th, by appointment

Closing Reception: Friday, May 5th from 6PM - 9PM

Alex Macias is an artist living and working along the United States and Mexico border in Brownsville, Texas. Macias earned a BA from the University of Texas at Brownsville and a MFA from the University of Texas - Pan American. His work has been exhibited across Texas, as well as St. Charles, Missouri and New York, New York. In 2016, Macias attended the Vermont Studio Center as an artist-in-residence.


Whether it is through personal experience or media and artistic exposure, human form has directly informed my work. For the past eleven years I have leaned towards figurative work due to my struggle with identity, not just in terms of art, but what it means to be human and Mexican-American living in a border town. I am interested in character, persona and the aesthetic design that correlates with those characteristics. I typically select elements of design that will connect to heritage and social concerns.

The title of the exhibition refers to the natural division that is the Rio Grande River, and how it creates an internal conflict with my personal and artistic identity. The work chronicles my approach and understanding of identity as a whole. Technique and artistic approach are literally divided and the division is a metaphor for my upbringing and formation while living in a border town in America. I often do not feel “Mexican” or “American.” I am somewhere in-between. The traditional approach to mark making makes a connection to my roots in Mexico and conservative upbringing and the liberating mark making makes a connection to the diverse nation I live in. 

EXHIBITION: Take Me Home, work by Lindsey Back

On View: April 24th - April 28th, by appointment

Closing Reception: Friday, April 28th from 6PM - 9PM


I make functional ceramic objects.  I create these objects to enhance the daily life of their user.  I am inspired by the words of William Morris when he said, “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  It is my belief that surrounding yourself with things made from the earth makes for a happier and more enjoyable life.  The objects I make are meant to be shared. I intend for them to bring people together in social situations such as sitting for a cup of tea with a dear friend or having a full meal with family.  I believe that clay brings together communities of people and fellowship, whether you are a maker or just appreciate the handmade.

  I choose to make my ceramic wares with a porcelain clay body.  Porcelain possesses certain qualities of plasticity and malleability that lend itself to my process of manipulating the surface of the vessel.  I use flashing slips, stains, underglazes, and glazes in a high fire soda kiln to accentuate the textured surfaces of my pots.  In my process I wheel throw and alter my forms by faceting and slicing the clay after which I push texture surfaces through from the inside of the vessel.  This creates a sense of vulnerability to the work, an exposure to the interior of the form. 

EXHIBITION: Mirror, a group exhibition of UNT BFA students

On View: April 17 - April 21st, by appointment

Closing Reception: Friday, April 21st from 6PM - 9PM

“Mirror” is a group exhibition of undergraduate works that centralizes on the human form, contingent on the artists’ interpretations of identity. The exhibition contains references to the body in a variety of forms and mediums - from highly representational to abstract, from demure to outright lewd.

Artists: Amy He / Brandon Williams / Brianna Rebosio / Briley Sexton / Cleste Grace / Christin Clemons / Cody Kisselburgh / Grdy McConnell / Hannah Arron / Jessica Gengenbach / Jordan Black / Jun Choi / Kevin Maldonado / Krista Alba / Rachel Houghton / Sam Cowan / Samarpan Maharajan / Sarah Barnett / Thomas "Woody" Wood / Xiao Liu / Yuri Matsushita


On View: April 3 - April 7th, by appointment

Closing Reception: Friday, April 7th from 6PM to 9PM

Featuring the work of: Tristan Bradshaw, Thomas Rodgers, Hank St. John and Brett Rees.


EXHIBITION/EVENT: 8 OURS, Group Exhibition by C.M.I.A

One- Day Event: February 24th

Installation: 2PM - 6PM

Closing Reception: 6PM - 9PM

Deinstallation: 9PM - 10PM

8 OURS is a one-day event and exhibition organized by Collective Mind of the Individual Artist. 

EXHIBITION: MI TIERRA, Solo Exhibition by Maria Razo

On View: December 5th - 10th, Closing Reception: Saturday, December 10th from 6PM - 9PM

Mi Tierra features work by artist and printmaker, Maria Razo. 

"The natural world and my personal experiences, memories and cultural background are the main driving force behind my work. Specifically I look at Indigenous groups in Mexico and their relationship with nature and the world around them. From the ancient Aztec and Maya civilizations who have long disappeared to the Wixáritari who continue to preserve their ancient customs in the modern world, it is the indigenous people who make Mexico such a culturally diverse country. I am most interested in the spiritual and mythical beliefs of these groups of people as they are often based on a close relationship with the natural world. I enjoy working with animals and plants as symbols to represent my ideas because of the inherent power they carry with them and express on the individual viewer. It is important for my creative process to not only portray the bond these cultures have with nature but to also establish a personal connection. I travel around Mexico whenever possible to areas that are significant to my research and draw from my actual experiences there to further develop my ideas. Ultimately my work is a two-sided self-exploration. On one side I am investigating the mythical relationship of man and the earth through the lens of Mexico´s indigenous groups. At the same time I am seeking to define my identity through the analysis of my culture and it´s relationship and significance to this subject."


Reception: Saturday, November 19th from 7PM - 10PM

Rhizome is a exhibition highlighting work from the student members of the UNT Painting and Drawing Association. 

Austin Sparks
Logan Robicheaux
Katherine Lam
Juliette Vaissiere
Nat Olmo
Shelby Rogers
Michelle Hinojosa
Paolo Buccino
Savannah Donaldson
Jessica Risner
Harley Lemons
Adrianna Touch
Amy He
Anika Major
Gabriela Espinosa




EVENT: Vice Palace, The End, vol. 1

Saturday, November 5th. Doors open at 9PM, $5.





Opening Reception: October 1, 2016. 6PM - 9PM

How do you begin to search for something that is hard to see? Bats echolocate, submarines send out a ping into the deep blue. In an effort to find emergent talent in or around DFW, Brick Haus Collective hosts its first juried exhibition, Sonar Scan, to bring emergent artists into public view.  From over 200 entries, juror Christopher Blay selected 25 pieces for the exhibition, which exemplify the artistic diversity of the region. Four artists have been chosen for special distinction by Blay, one of whom will receive a cash award.

Featuring the work of:

Martin Back
Alyssa Barber
Scott Bell
Danny Bolton
Joshua Bryant
Justin Burns
Henry Cox
Ali Crawford
Tabatha DiLoreto
Savannah Donaldson
Ari Edwards
Grayson Fair
Leah Flook
Chris Ireland
Katherine Lam
Julie Libersat
Megan Marshall
Sam Noel
Emily O'Leary
Nat Olmo
Ricardo Orozco
Gibson Regester
Diego Romo
Kathleen Ruff
Robert Sparks


Opening Reception: September 11, 2016. 3PM - 6PM, Artist Talk at 3:30PM

In partnership with the Greater Denton Arts Council, Brick Haus Collective is proud to present a simultaneous showing of works by artist Giovanni Valderas for the Fall 2016 season at the Murchison Performing Arts Center, and at Brick Haus Collective. Valderas’s sculptural paintings, present images, and iconography that draw on his Latin American heritage. His works investigate identity, family, and most recently, address the social implications of gentrification in southwest Dallas. In his series Forged Utopia, Valderas creates public installations of pinata-like billboards that mimic real estate signage, but with phrases of common Spanish slang that, when placed in context, cryptically comment on the changing landscape they inhabit.  A selection of his paintings will be shown at the Murchison, while an installation of his billboards will be displayed outdoors, in the Brick Haus Collective green space.


October 1 - October 22nd, 2016. Opening Reception: Saturday, October 1st

Deadline for Submissions: August 28th

Brick Haus Collective is proud to announce Sonar Scan, a juried exhibition for local emerging artists. The competition will be juried by artist and curator, Christopher Blay. All two-dimensional, three-dimensional and digital media are eligible for considerationSONAR SCAN will be on view from October 1st thru October 22nd, with an opening reception on Saturday, October 1st from 6 to 9PM.



Saturday, July 2nd, doors open at 9PM





May 24 - May 29th, 2016 by appointment. Opening Reception: Friday, May 27th, 6-9PM

Saga features work by Elinor Johansen and Zoe Berg, emphasizing paintings that depict generations of women in their family. Elinor’s paintings pair mothers and daughters, beginning with her great-grandmother, Eleonora and leading to her granddaughter, Zoe. Rendered from photographs, the paintings’ backgrounds capture seemingly unrelated locales–a street scene in Belém, Brazil; several Norwegian locations including Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway; and Elinor’s studio in Denton, Texas. Elinor connects the generations through time and space, portraying a history bound by curiosity, adventure, and travel. Referencing her grandmother’s paintings, Zoe playfully assigns colors of the rainbow to the same women, titling the collection of six canvases FLOWER GIRLS. She abstracts the women, marking the colored canvases with floral drawings where hands and open or closed eyes drift into the frame. While the works differ in style, they form a complementary relationship that reveals a narrative, a saga of the women in their family.

Elinor Johansen (b. 1933, Brooklyn, New York) received her BA in Anthropology and MA and PhD in Sociology from The University of Texas at Austin. For decades she taught in the Sociology Department at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. She began painting in the early 1990s. 

Zoe Berg (b. 1990, Austin, Texas) currently lives and works in Denton, Texas. She received a BFA from The University of Texas at Austin and was granted both the Roy Crane Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in the Visual Arts and the UT System Regents’ Outstanding Arts and Humanities Award in 2013. In 2015, she received the Clare Hart DeGolyer Memorial Fund from the Dallas Museum of Art. This upcoming fall, Berg will begin pursuing an MFA in Sculpture at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, a city where her great-grandmother (yellow) was an art student in the 1910s.